Portland Outright (outright_ptld) wrote in seacoastoutrite,
Portland Outright

Portland Outright now has an LJ account!

Outright in Portland, Maine now has an official LJ account!

Outright's mission is to create safe, positive, and affirming environments for young gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and questioning people ages 22 and under. Outright aspires to a youth-driven philosophy in which youth needs and beliefs form decisions, and a collaboration of youth and adults provides support, education, advocacy, and social activities.

This LJ user account is a place for you to stay updated on the activites going on at Outright.
It is not a personal journal, but rather an event/program listing.
You can check out more about Outright at http://outright.gwi.net!

If you add Outright_Ptld as a friend:
-You get to see updates on what's happening!
-It will not add you back.
-Your name will never show up on Outright_Ptld's user profile (confidentiality).

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